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the good stuff on Grinding wheels

Georgia Grinding wheel Article

Toycens’ Read on the benefits of aluminum body VS Steel core superabrasive wheels

lower transportation costs
store less kinetic energy 
better heat dissipation
same or better tensile strength that steel wheels
Better balance 
Better accuracy 
If the grinder has the torque and smoothness/accuracy of runout the result is longer life and a more accurate grind /finish
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Tradesman CR

Smooth Super quiet Accurate with Corner Rads for Woodturners


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Tradesman DC 810 Geared Belt Workstation & New Necker Conical tip Grinder for carbide

New for Summer 2019   Tradesman 810 Workstation , one of the Tradesman Geared Belt Units

These are Quite Powerful very quiet typically run between 200 and 2000 RPM

The 810 will mount 2 or 4-inch belts 6, 8 or 10-inch wheels


The Machinist with the necker tip grinder is a necks flats cut off and conical tip grinder for carbide end nills or rounds

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Tradesman Edge -Evolution of Blade Holding

Jack Plane Blade seems quite useful for all blades including razor blades

We like this one /|\  Fewer parts that a multilink arm  Better accuracy repeatability faster set up

Fits on all Tradesman grinders utilize that handy Tormek rail.

Worried about your angles? Do you use a felt wheel to cover angle mismatch

We think you should be able to repeat and angle within a few minutes, Grind at a speed appropriate for finishing, no risk of damage, and only need a strop type effort to debur a good piece of steel.

On our Twin Belt machine rough on the left 200 grit, exact angle  match on the right with a  600 grit, Debur minimal

With this enhanced freehand approach, the stroke is captive but you won’t get cornered by your set up when doing a long blade or a large curved tip. our supermagnets let you rotate the knife to follow a tip radius

With the Tradesman edge running a 600 grit edge grind at 150 surface feet on machined platens allows for perfectly straight hand fed angles

With the DC whisper drive, in our shop you can hear the clock ticking in the background while running twin belts, this also means you can hear when the blade contacts the belt.

Just like our tool grinders.

Its a new day

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Thrust Flange for Toycen Tradesman 6 and 8

We do like it when our machines are smooth and quiet, side to side run out is always a challenge

Eliminating the previous snapring and washer assembly (which is never flat)
This new flange protrudes thru the side plate using that normally unutilized shaft length to help govern wheel run out

Plus the larger diameter provides a large driven face to shoulder against.

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Toycen Tradesman Super Precision

We are continuously researching ways to improve the performance of our grinders

This is an explanation of our thrust flange work




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