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Tradesman Edge -Evolution of Blade Holding for perfect Apex and Micro bevel

Worried about your angles? DO you use a felt wheel to cover angle mismatch

or just a light debur?

We think you should be able to repeat and angle exactly, and only need a strop type effort to debur a good piece of steel.

On our Twin Belt machine rough on the left 200 , exact angle  match on the right with a  600

To be free hand, and not get cornered by your set up when doing a long blade or a large curved tip.

With the Tradesman edge running a 600 grit edge in grind at 150 surface feet 45 degree


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Thrust Flange for Toycen Tradesman 6 and 8

We do like it when our machines are smooth and quiet, side to side run out is always a challenge

Eliminating the previous snapring and washer assembly (which is never flat)
This new flange protrudes thru the side plate using that normally unutilized shaft length to help govern wheel run out

Plus the larger diameter provides a large driven face to shoulder against.

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