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Tradesman has been designed to work with most all of the worlds best attachments , Tormek, Wolverine, One-Way. Grind Weldon flats, chisels and planer blades on one machine.


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A machine tool design, manufacturing and sales company, specializing in tool grinders and cutting tools. Call us at 1 (800)417-2171

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Sharpen Reamers

Easily sharpen reamers using the ER-32 Necker Attachment and our chamfer wheel. Easily sharpen reamers using the ER-32 Necker Attachment and our chamfer wheel.

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Corner Rads on End Mills

The Ultimate Corner Radius Grinding Set Up Tradesman with a ER-32 indexing neck attachment is the perfect set up for quick corner rads on end mills. There are several tool rest attachments that make the Tradesman a fully functional machine …

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Grind Anything

Very powerful even at speeds from 50 to 4000 rpm means you can grind plastic, carbon fiber, ceramics, glass and carbide on the same wheel. The Tradesman is the ultimate fabricators work station. Grind carbon fiber, Grind Ceramic Armor, Carbide, …

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Micro-feed Mitre Rest Jig Plate

The DC motor with the Toycen Motor control , combined with the super abrasive wheels , and the Tormek scissor attachment is ideal for most conventional scissor jobs, including leaving a micro seration on the bevel edge The Tradesman is …

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Sharpen Metal Lathe Tools

The Tradesman is ideally suited for sharpening lathe tools in machine shops. HSS and Cobalt tool bits , as well as carbide inserts can be easily sharpened with much less heat traditional stone wheels The Tradesman was designed by a …

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Tormek Woodturning Jig

The Tradesman is configured to work with all Tormek Attachments , we think they make really useful sharpening jigs and fixtures. Using the Tormek attachments on a Tradesman , cuts the sharpening times down considerably as the Tradesman removes materials …

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Sharpen countersinks

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<b>Tradesman with Multitool Belt Grinder Attachment</b> are widely known for being the most used tool in one’s shop! Choose from 2 x 36, 2 x 48, 4 x 36, and 4 x 48 inch models. All of the Multitool attachments …

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Grind set-screw flats

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Cut off carbide

Sharpen your planer blades easily and accurately without ruining the temper with heat. The Tormek Planer blade fixture , with micro adjust actually works better on the Tradesman than the original grinder, because it is easier to change the locational …

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Sharpen Knives

Coming out in 2015 specifically for knifemakers and knife sharpeners is the tradesman Belt and Tradesman Tool Maker , Tradesman Toolmaker comes with our combination superabrasive and adhesive disk wheel. The  DC3 R (reversing) is the worlds only Reversing DC …

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Wolverine Grinding Jig

Near as we can tell this is the ultimate wood turners set up , these sharpening jigs are very easy to use. With a 100 grit on the left and them a 180 on the right with our auxiliary hard …

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