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Tradesman has been designed to work with most all of the worlds best attachments , Tormek, Wolverine, One-Way. Grind Weldon flats, chisels and planer blades on one machine.

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Jeff, The Cuttermaster wheel you sent is doing great. I installed it on 7-23-12 on one of the machines I cut pilots with and I noticed the excellent balance which I had missed using other wheels. Even right now I’m at a lower cost on this wheel compared to the replated I had switched to. With the longer life of your wheels they quickly become better value and do a better job. All I had gotten from you over the years were the best wheels on the planet. Thanks again with all your help, it’s hard to find such good customer service these days.


I just want to tell you how great your Tradesman grinder is. I have the Tormek t7, the work sharp system and a conventional grinder with silicon carbide wheels. I don’t use any of them any more and will try and sell all three. The tradesman with CBN wheels running at a medium speed meets all my sharping needs in seconds with little dust, heat and most importantly no vibration, allowing me to keep the tool in contact with the wheel at all times.


The machines are working out great. As always, so much repair work going on here it’s slow to get into the Cuttermasters as much as I’d like but it is easy to see how using them has already freed up a lot of time otherwise lost to set-ups on my old Cinncinnatti. Very well designed and executed little machines; convenient, fast and precise results every time, all in a small shop area footprint.

Rolls-Royce Aerospace

Hi Jeff, At long last, I finally got a post up about the Tradesman. I really love this thing — thanks for making it, and thanks for all of your help.


I love it. It’s a miracle I made it this far without the Tradesman tool grinder. The wheels run precise and true and combined with the variable speed the Tradesman is great for fabricating small tools without them overheating. Also it’s very quiet compared to a regular grinder.

BC, Canada


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