The new T8 delivers good torque thru a range of speeds
DC motors are good for that.

Speed range is 500 to 2200

Best part:
The precision motor shafts combined with speed control are ideally
suited for Plated bond CBN wheels

New redesigned Body assembly and Covers to accommodate the 92mm 130 VDC

Thrust flange design captures better wheel run out.

New Motor SCR Control board is available which is  UL and CU and RoHS  State of the art.

Faster Torque Compensation

The new 92 mm Motor with Patented Enhanced Magnetics is far more effective at 8-inch wheel speeds (lower RPM)

New Close reach Miter Rest Mitre Rest Jig Plate – Close Reach – Cuttermasters

In this arena, this is the only machine designed to run Super abrasive wheels and make them last.


There’s Nothing like it