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Tradesman 8 Belt

$ 1,945.00

 The Tradesman 8″ DC Variable Speed Bench Grinder complete with


 T8BA Belt-Over-Wheel Attachment

 T-TB Tormek Bracket

 your choice of two 8″ plated grinding wheels


Product description

The Tradesman 8″ DC Variable Speed Bench Grinder complete with Reverse, T8BA Belt-Over-Wheel Attachment, T-TB Tormek Bracket, your choice of two 8″ plated grinding wheels, and standard tool rests. Grind anything – variable speed – variable grit.

Why the Tradesman Grinder?

  • DC Motor – the DC motor is 5 times as powerful as an AC motor and provides high torque, quiet and cool grinding
  • Super Abrasive Wheels – CBN or diamond precision plated wheels never loose their shape
  • In-house Tool Modifications – Cut out down time and take control of your shop
  • No Burnt Tools – Our patented DC motor grinder will not burn tools and lower tool life
  • High Torque – 400-4000 RPM
  • Proudly Made in North America – built by machinists in Canada and the US using quality parts and practices you can trust
  • Several Configurations Available – several add-ons and customizations available based on the needs of your shop
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The Tradesman is ready to use the with the Wolverine Jig by One-Way


And lets you use your Tormek jigs on a variable speed dry grinder that keeps your tools cool


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