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Mitre Rest Jig Plate T-MRJ

$ 65.00 (USD)

(1 customer review)
  • One mitre rest and one jig plate
  • For grinding square cutting edges like chisels
  • Tool is secured in jig and allowed to slide left and right.

Product description

The T-MRJ Mitre Rest Jig Plate provides a solid, square tool rest and jig plate for grinding square tool ends and lathe tools. It mounts directly to the front of the grinder and can be readily folded out of the way for freehand grinding. See our <a href=”https://tradesmangrinder.com/tradesman-dc-bench-grinder-with-feed-rest/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>T-MRF</a> for our jig plate with micro adjustable in-feed.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 6 cm

1 review for Mitre Rest Jig Plate T-MRJ

  1. Don Campbell

    This jig looks like a direct copy of the Veritas jig. Please tell me that’s not the case (or that they’re making it for you).

    Best Regards, Don

    • Jeff Toycen (store manager)

      HI Don,
      no we make all of our own product, they were unwilling work with us (I think we just not important to them)
      Even though all of their trainers are running Tradesman kinda funny.

      I did like the design and concept so we designed our own


    • Jeff Toycen (store manager)

      HI Don , and the other thing we noticed is that once the tool is fixtured its really helpful if you can feed it without unclamping it
      so we invented a feed mechanism for the mitre rest

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