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Tradesman Machinist End Mill Neck Flat and Cut Off Grinder

End Mill Workstation

Made By Machinists For Machinists

Set up your Tradesman Machinist as a single or dual-wheeled grinder, and with your choice of tool grinding wheels and attachments

  • End mill neck relief / diameter reduction

  • Weldon set screw flats

  • Carbide cut off

  • Carbide corner radius prep

  • Countersinks, drills, unibits and more

Choose Your Machinist Grinder

The Tradesman Machinist DC Grinder is available in single and dual-wheeled versions. Choose which you prefer by adding to your cart, then continue to choose grinding wheels and attachments below.

Choose Your Attachments

Choose attachments for sharpening lathe tools, end mill secondary operations (necks, flats, rads), cut off, belt sanding and more

Choose Additional Features

Add reverse and precision shaft (for corner radius and reamers)

Choose Your Grinding Wheels

Your Shop Needs a Tradesman Machinist Bench Grinder

Question : Why does that 3600 rpm benchgrinder come with a bucket of water on the front?

Answer: it’s the wrong speed! Induction motors are cheap, and this is why grinder manufacturers use them.

The mission in creating the Tradesman machinist was to make a bench grinder available with Precision plated Superabrasive wheels. Grinding Lathe tools and carbide inserts (without a bucket of slimy water on the front to cool the tool) with stone or silicon carbide wheels just wont work worth a darn.

Wood turners have been using our 8 inch Tradesman for years. It was time to build one for machine shops.

Our Superabrasive wheels are balanced, always flat, and don’t create grinding dust the way a stone wheel will. With our wheels, you know what shape you’re getting because the wheel does not wear down or change shape. When you use the Tradesman Grinder, variable speed with built-in torque compensation, you can grind heavy cuts in most anything and at below 1000 rpm.

It’s is cool and it’s quiet. For example, if you want to put a .005 radius/chamfer on something you can hear when the tool contacts the wheel.

We have a patent on low speed high feed grinding. Using the Tradesman is not like using other grinders. With the Tradesman DC Variable Speed Bench Grinder you can grind carbide tools, Teflon and do your nails all on the same wheel.