Woodturner Sharpening Set Up


Sharpen a carbide insert on the Tradesman Metalworker Grinder, grind weldon flats


Tormek Knife Sharpening Jig SVM-45 on the Tradesman DC Bench Grinder


Cuttermasters 8" Tradesman CBN Grinding Wheel

Grinding Wheels

  • DC Variable Speed

    Our DC motor and control provides 600% more torque than AC grinders through the full range of 400 to 4000 RPM in forward and reverse.

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  • Grind Anything

    Very powerful even at speeds below 500 RPM meaning you can grind plastic, carbon fiber, ceramics, glass and carbide on one workstation.

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  • Tons of Options

    Tradesman has been designed to work with most all of the worlds best attachments , Tormek, Wolverine, One-Way.   Grind Weldon flats, chisels and planer blades on one machine.

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  • Awesome Support

    Our Policy: Happy customers, Game changing products. (800) 417-2171

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Tradesman DC Variable Speed Reversing Bench Grinder