Jeff Toycen is one of  North America’s leading innovators in tool and cutter machine tool design. The engineering team meets every Saturday to review existing products or design a new one. New products are regularly posted to our  >>  Blog   (good stuff here)

Toycen Industries has been building products with DC motors Since 1994. Research on the Tradesman motor system began with the CUTTERMASTER Professional  Project in 2004. It was 2010 before we had a workable motor and control system.      We expect to have an automated Benchtop Tool Grinder in trials by 2019.

The Toycen Journeyman Tool Grinder -State of the art end mill sharpener, tool grinder and accessories.

The 2017  Cuttermaster Professional  – Our new version of North America’s Favorite End mill sharpener 

The Tradesman (US Patent 9,089,946  July 28 2015)

The 2017 Tradesman Machinist – Our famous bench grinder doing the work of a $10,000 tool grinder

Toycen designed Cuttermasters Grinding Wheels are world class. Resin Bond and precision plated. Cuttermasters is the largest seller of the CUTTERMASTER End Mill Sharpener accessories worldwide and is the sole producer of the CUTTERMASTER Professional

Thank you for visiting our website.  I hope you like our products.  We work hard to make them the very best they can be.

The Toycen Group of companies has facilities in Ottawa (Engineering and Rapid Prototyping), Smiths Falls (Ontario-Distribution), and Ogdensburg, NY (Manufacturing and Distribution).