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Rough. Sharpen. Hone. Variable Speed. Variable Grit.

Quickly rough in, sharpen and hone your woodturning tools on our Cuttermasters CBN grinding wheels and belt sander attachments.

The Tradesman DC Variable Speed Bench Grinder has been a favorite of woodturners and sharpeners since the project began.  The Toycen Torque Compensating Whisper Drive delivers all the power you need to grind at a speed that isn’t burning your tool. The precision plated CBN wheels are balanced and don’t change shape. Wolverine by One-Way ready.

Choose Your Attachments

The Tradesman 8, with our Precision plated wheels, is Wolverine ready. The Wolverine Vari Grind jigs can be purchased from Oneway Manufacturing.

Choose Your Wheels

Cuttermasters’ Tradesman wheels are designed to be smooth running, balanced and tested. The 1.25″ width is popular with woodturners. The 80 grit is good for shaping and the 180 grit is best for sharpening while still aggressive enough to remove a lot of material if you want it too.

8" Grinding Wheels

Choose a Belt Sander

Nice video by Carter and Son Tool Works

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