The Tradesman Power Strop is a new machine for those who want to add a honing station

100 to 1000 Rpm Reversing 250 mm Ground Harness leather wheel

Machined Aluminum Core, Bonded Leather rim
(Ground after Bonding to match the 250 mm CBN wheel Diameter)

Use with any honing compound, Tradesman Spray on Blade Magic is recommended.

Tradesman Honing compound is a hand-applied mist spray of 1500 Grit Aluminum Oxide powder,  or

CBN 2500 (6 Micron ) XL Sharp or Fabricated Crystal (Tap Water Mist).

Deburs quickly leaves a nice finish and leaves the stropping wheel clean and dry for the next application 

For the bladesmith who has everything

110 220 V   5 amps