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Ground Round Leather radial  hone wheel exactly the same diameter as the grinding wheels
  Quick-release wheels     

Angle positioning  and repeatability within arc seconds (free software on or off line)


Reversing, Variable speed 15 to 400 RPM

Mounts Tormek Waterbath wheels, reversing with digital Micro Adjust Rail

Magnetic Digital linear Scales each arm Rail on wheel center,

The blade is down in front of the operator.

*Accommodates a greater range of knife widths (paring knives to large cleavers) than any other grinder

*The only grinder that directly measures the clearance between rail and wheel, which is the most accurate and consistent way of setting knife bevels and eliminates numerous variables

*The only grinder that guarantees that the rail is precisely parallel to the wheel spindle (uniquely adjustable in this dimension, confirmable by dual DROs)

*Micro-adjustable to guarantee that the rail stays at precisely the same elevation as the wheel spindle (to ensure true radial adjustment)

Simplify the math  ,     Here is       Spreadsheet for Rail location calculation

Thank you, Patrick   Good thinking!


5.45 to 1 Timed Belt reduction 92MM 1800 RPM 130V DC
Toycen (Stump Puller) Motor

Link to Spreadsheet