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Tradesman Edge 810 DC Variable Speed Bench Grinder

A Sharpeners Dream Come True

200-2000RPM Reversing

Geared Belt Reduction for Unstoppable Torque

DC Variable Speed (Plug in to 110/220V)

Run Any Combination of 8″, 10″ Wheel and Belt Sander

Built by machinists in Canada and the US using quality parts and practices you can trust

Perfect for that Samurai Edge


Tradesman Edge Configurations

Just a Few Tradesman Edge 810 Configurations - Scroll Down to Build Your Own

Build Your Tradesman Edge 810 Package by Choosing the 810 Base below and Adding any Wheels, Sanders, or Attachments you Like.

Tradesman Edge 810 Base

Choose Your Grinding Wheels

10" Grinding Wheels

8" Grinding Wheels

Choose a Belt Sander

Choose Attachments and Accessories