Quantifying Sharp

Definitions of Sharp and Keen

Sharp and Keen part 2

A Comparison of Several Manufactured Blades

The Bevel Set

The Honing Progression

The Diamond Plate Progression

It’s too big of a jump!


Abrasion rate vs “Grit”

Grit, Scratches and Sub-Surface Damage – Part 1

What is a Burr? – part 1

What is a Burr? – part 2

Burr Removal – part 1

What Does Stropping Do?

What Does Steeling Do? (part 1)

What Does Steeling Do? (part 2): The Card Scraper

Abrasive Particles Under the SEM

Optical vs Electron Microscopy

Diamond Plate break-in – part 1

Diamond Plate break-in – part 2

The Pasted Strop – part 1

The Pasted Strop – part 2

The Pasted Strop – part 3

The Pasted Strop – part 4

Simple Straight Razor Honing

Dulling on Glass

Does Jnat Slurry Break Down?

Jnat Slurry – part 2

Carbides in Maxamet

The Barber Hone

Sharpening on the King 1k/6k combination stone

Ceramic Blades