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Tradesman Edge Apex

$ 2,356.00 (USD)

Precision Knife Sharpening Set-up

  • Tool support  rail  is at the same height as the wheel center for simplified angle calculation
  • Free online (works offline) calculator to easily set any angle
  • Reversing, variable speed DC motor (15 to 400 RPM) with geared belt drive provides high torque at low rpm
  • Cool, Quiet and Powerful
  • 12mm shafts – compatible with Tormek wheels
  •  Three available wheel sizes 30 mm (1.2 Inch), 50 mm (2 Inch) 61 mm (2.4 Inch)  

Tradesman Edge Apex – Ready to Run Includes

  • 250mm Precision Ground Leather Radial Honing Wheel
  • 250mm Precision Plated CBN Grinding Wheel (choose grit)
  • Shelf mounted water trough
  • Micro-adjust 28″ twin tool support
  • Digital depth Vernier to easily measure and set distance
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Product description


1: Enter desired Bevel Angle into the calculator below

2: Enter the Grip Length into the Calculator

3. Set the support at the calculated Support Clearance


Why is the Tradesman Edge Apex the Ultimate Knife Sharpeners Workstation

  • It is the only grinder that directly measures the clearance between rail and wheel (simple triangle), the most accurate and consistent way of setting knife bevels, eliminating numerous variables. Click to see this calculation in action
  • The Tradesman Edge Apex is the only grinder where the rail is precisely at the wheel spindle height — blade is down, in front of the operator in an edge-trailing orientation
  • it allows the operator to dial-in any knife bevel angle, using the calculator and a depth Vernier, allowing for repeatable precision knife sharpening and honing, like no other
  • Its 250mm precision CBN plated Grinding Wheels and 250mm Precision Ground Leather Honing Wheel provide set up continuity between grinding and honing
  • Geared belt reduction and powerful DC motor provide loads of torque at low speed. Cool, Quiet and Powerful
  • The Tradesman Edge Apex accommodates a greater range of knife widths (paring knives to large cleavers) than any other grinder

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 39 × 39 × 39 cm


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