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Tradesman Edge 12

$ 1,735.00 (USD)

Tradesman Edge 12

  • 12mm shaft
  • DC Variable Speed Reversing, 50-2000 rpm
  • Geared belt reduction with Whisper Drive with Torque Compensation
  • Ready to mount any 12mm bore wheels, 10″ x 2″ wheels and/or Tradesman belt sanding attachments
  • Ready to mount any of our tool grinding attachments
  • guards, wheels, not included (choose below, guards are included with wheels)
  • Use your Tormek Wheels and Attachments
  • add our Modified Tormk Waterbath Troughs
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Product description

Tradesman Edge 12

12mm shaft – Use your Tormek Wheels

Use your Tormek Attachments

Water Bath CBN Wheels

200-2000RPM Reversing

Geared Belt Reduction for Unstoppable Torque

DC Variable Speed (Plug in to 110/220V)

Built by machinists in Canada and the US using quality parts and practices you can trust

Perfect for that Samurai Edge

Tradesman Edge Geared Belt Reduction for Super High Torque

The Tradesman Edge 810 mounts any of 8″ or 10″ wheels, work rests or belt sanding attachments.

  • 130 V DC  400 watt variable speed motor and control
  • Pulse width Modulated -Whisper Drive with Torque Compensation

What makes the edge so quiet?

  • DC variable speed motor and control
  • Whisper Drive with Torque Compensation
  • The platens are machined flat to within .001″
  • The platens have rads all around

What features make it great for sharpeners?

  • The platens have an open belt area
  • The belt frame has been reduced in size to improve the approach so that a blade can be sharpened right to the bolster/ handle
  • motor shaft isolated from main shaft with geared timing belt
  • Large and comfortable tool / work / hand rests can be positioned almost anywhere on the belt: front, back or base
  • Open side panel threaded holes for scissor fixturing
  • Belts can be vertical or horizontal, moved with no tools required

Add Wheels to your Tradesman Edge 12

The Tradesman Edge 12 has 12mm shafts for our customers who are using Tormek 10″ x 2″ wheels. The Tradesman Edge 12 is ready to mount your Tormek wheels or our belt sanding attachments.

Best of all worlds wet or dry wheels or belts.

Add Belt Sanders to your Tradesman Edge 12

Our Belts Sanders are Like No Other

  • The platens are machined square and flat to within .001″
  • Platens have rads all around to smooth belt entry and reduce noise
  • Smart platens have 3mm of 30 durometer neoprene with a teflon layer
  • Smart platens wrap the apex like a strop making for easy angle match
  • Smart platens reduce  burr to easily manageable levels


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