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Tradesman 6″ Machinist DC Neck and Cut Off – VBlock

$ 1,160.00 (USD)

 Tradesman Machinist Complete with one 6″ Precision Plated Grinding Wheel (your choice)
T-VBlock V-Block Attachment
Powerful Torque Compensating Whisper Drive
 Grind HSS and Carbide
 DC Variable Speed
 Standard Tool Rests


Product description

The Tradesman Machinist – Single Wheel – Flats and Cut Off – DC Bench Grinder complete with one CBN or Diamond Tradesman 6″ Plated grinding wheels, v-Block tool rest.  This is our standard 6″ Machinist grinder with one dedicated station for plunging Weldon set screw flats in HSS or carbide tools.  Add our cut off wheel for carbide tool cut off. For greater control and neck reductions have a look at our ER-32 End Mill Workstation.

The Tradesman Machinist is compatible with our wide range of attachments to simplify common machine shop necessities such as neck reduction, set screw flats and carbide cut off. Visit our Tradesman Tool Grinding Accessories Page to see the full list of accessories.

The Tradesman machinist, with precision plated Superabrasive wheels, is different. With our patented DC Drive system which is powerful even at low speed with super-abrasive wheels, you can grind anything with practically no heat.  Visit our Grinding Wheels page for more wheel options.

The flat, always sharp wheels (great for shaping tools), quiet, powerful, variable speed and no bucket of water on the front. The Tradesman 8 Inch has been the woodturner’s favorite for a few years now so we thought it was time to build one for machine shops.

Our Superabrasive wheels are balanced and always flat, so no extra grinding dust. When you use our grinder with it’s DC motor you find you can grind heavy cuts at below 1000 rpm keeping the process cool and quiet. If you want to put a .005 radius/chamfer on something, you can hear when the tool contacts the wheel.

We have a patent on low speed high feed grinding with the Tradesman. It is not like using other grinders. Period. With the Tradesman DC Grinder you can grind carbide tools or Teflon on the same wheel because at 500 RPM, with no run out, there’s nothing threatening about it.

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Tradesman Machinist 6 Inch DC- Precision Bench Grinder

Customize your bench grinder!

Our Tradesman Web Wizard will help you choose your wheels and accessories for your Tradesman Machinist. Click your countries flag below to use the wizard.



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Additional information

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 31 × 31 × 31 cm


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