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Drill and Countersink Grinding Attachment

$ 1,385.00 (USD)

• Drills .125” to .875”
• 1 and zero flute countersinks up to 2”
•.020” and .03” cams
• Three Flute Countersinks up to 2”
• .025″, .031″, .050″ Cams

Product description

The CM-06 Drill Grinding Attachment for CUTTERMASTER type machines has been modified to grind step drills and countersinks.  With the addition of our x axis feed table the Tradesman Machinist is now a DC Variable Speed Countersink Grinder.  We recommend our plated CBN face wheels, which are superior material removers when used with a correct speed grinder, that allow you to take heavy cuts (wide countersink faces) while keeping your tools cool.

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