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Tradesman DC Grinder with the Multitool Belt attachment

We recently purchased this Multitool belt grinding attachment from Trick-Tools.

This is a cool grinder attachment even without being driven by Tradesman.  However, when we hooked it up to the world’s coolest variable speed bench grinder, it lifted this belt sander attachment into a whole new ball game.

In the pictures you see Jeff sharpening a knife blade at about 800 rpm.  The 3M Trizact 217EA belt quickly removes material while the low rpm keeps the blade cool enough to work safely with bare fingers.

The Tradesman DC Bench Grinder features continuously variable speed from 400 to 4000 rpm.

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Drill Sharpener for the Toycen Journeyman

Journeyman Drill Point Grinder Set up ,This is a beautiful Sharpening Head on the 2014 Journeyman JX. The CM06 produces a very accurate conventional Chisel tip with helical relief from 90 to 130 degrees. Works with the Cuttermasters Diamond or CBN It comes with two precision chucks with capacities from .09 to .5, and .5 to .875 Inches

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The Toycen Tradesman DC 2

The Toycen DC 2, designed for metal and machine shops has a valuable return on investment.  Variable speed DC motor with Cuttermasters Precision Plated wheels.  Perform lathe bit sharpening and reduced neck grinding without over heating your tools.

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Sharpeners Report Workshop and Supply Fair, May 17-18, 2013

Cuttermasters will be demonstrating and discussing at the Sharpeners’ Workshop and Supply Fair, May 17-18, 2013 at the Radison Hotel in Roseville, Minnesota.

They’ll show you how to put a perfect back split point on your drills in minutes. And they’ll introduce you to the low heat world of variable speed dry grinding with precision plated wheels. Try out the Tradesman DC Grinder, the world’s best bench top grinder. Try out the world’s best precision plated wheels. Sharpen your drills, end mills, wood working tools, metal working tools, knives, scissors, you name it.

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