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Our Industrial Grinding Wheels are Precision Plated meaning they’ll stay sharp, stay cool, hold their shape and won’t emit dust. Ideal for our precision variable speed grinders or tool grinders our customers are typically woodturners and machinists sharpening carbide and high speed steel tools.

If you are used to working with stone grinding wheels on a grinder designed for that, our industrial precision plated grinding wheels are a breath of fresh air in terms of ease-of-use and safety. They are an excellent return on investment when you consider that they’ll outperform and outlast vitrified mineral  wheels by many lifetimes.

The vitrified Mineral wheel process is one where the wheel is  trued up after mounting as such there is not a requirement for conventional Bench grinders as far as shaft tolerance shouldering or straightness.

Precision Plated wheel perform best when mounted on a machine designed to run them.

10" Tradesman Wheels

Tradesman Wheels 10″ CBN

8" Tradesman Wheels

Tradesman Wheels 8″ Corner Rounding CBN

Tradesman Wheels 8″ CBN

6" Machinist and Specialty Wheels

Tradesman Wheels 6″ CBN and Diamond

Shoulder and Neck Grinding Wheels 6″ Diamond

Weldon Set Screw Flat and Chamfer Grinding Wheels 6″ CBN

Diamond Micro-Neck for Necking Small Tools