Rough. Sharpen. Hone. Variable Speed. Variable Grit.

Quickly rough in, sharpen and hone your woodturning tools on our Cuttermasters CBN grinding wheels and belt sander attachments.



Choose Your Attachments

The Tradesman 8, with our Precision plated wheels, is Wolverine ready. The Wolverine Vari Grind jigs can be purchased from Oneway Manufacturing.  

Choose Your CBN Grinding Wheels

Our 8″ wheels are 1.25″ wide and are made from the highest quality CBN. A popular choice for woodturners has been Cuttermasters 100 grit (for shaping) and 180 grit (for sharpening) and we offer a 60 grit and 200 as well. Keep scrolling for more grit options using our belt sanding attachment.  The Cuttermasters wheels have a 1/4″ plated flange on each side of the wheel.  The Tradesman wheels have a 1/2″ plated flange on the sides of the wheel for flat grinding operations.


Cool Tool Grinding Demonstration