Tradesman 3DC - Sharpeners and Toolmakers

The most powerful material remover on the planet.  Using Cuttermasters’ precision plated wheels, and with a range of 400 – 4000 rpm, you can grind anything from plastics to carbide without wheel load up or glazing.  Patent Pending

  • Our grinding wheels have flat surfaces, sharp corners and there is virtually no dust or dressing just a good finish every time.
  • Our patented DC motor grinding system allows you to remove material without generating excessive heat.
  • The smooth flat surfaces and crisp corners allow you to sharpen tools (like reamers and end mill ends) without risking a finger in the process.
  • Precision plated wheels on powerful DC motors are here to stay.

Unparalleled value. The Tradesman is hand-built in small runs in North America by the engineers who designed it. Toycen Industries, a small Canadian company, sources the best materials and engineering to bring you the superior bench top grinder. The ultra quiet DC Motor is manufactured in North America, as is the minimalist and rugged, aluminum and steel chassis. Buying a Tradesman DC Bench Grinder provides unparalleled value because you’re buying from the same small company who designed it and built it. Give us a call any time.

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Machine Dimensions W 12″ x W 11.5″ x D 11″
Shipping dimensions 14″ x 14″ x 14″
Machine Weight not including wheels Net: 22lbs, Gross: 25lbs
Motor 400 Watt DC Variable, with Toycen DC Drive